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A new job board aimed specifically at the hospitality and catering marketplace.




Aimed at the hospitality and catering marketplace, offers employers and recruiters a place to advertise their vacancies at low cost.

Simple to use for advertisers and job seekers alike, the web site offers a refreshing change to what we have become used to in this marketplace. Visit to find out how it works.




A job board aimed specifically at the hospitality and catering marketplace.  Unique features including no long term contracts and low advertising rates for advertisers make it a very attractive place for employers and recruiters to advertise their vacancies. Job seekers will equally welcome the clean and simple to use interface of the site. was born from an idea that came from spending many hours using existing Catering job boards and seeing the deficiencies and contractual ties that are present.

"What we wanted", explained one of the Directors, "was a site which reflected the style of the company. i.e. professional, vibrant, high quality and reliable".

“Having been involved in Catering recruitment for 15 years,  we know that one of the things that burdens a lot of companies – both employers and recruitment agencies – is the need to commit to an expensive annual contract with other major job boards if they are likely to be placing jobs on a regular basis. Our idea is to put the control back into the hands of our clients and let them choose if they want to place jobs on a one off basis or add jobs regularly. There is no commitment required from them to place a minimum number of jobs. This flexibility, along with the low cost for placing job adverts is one of our major selling points”.

So how does it work?  “Very simply, if someone has a job vacancy in the hospitality and catering industry that they wish to advertise, they just need to select Post a Job from the Home Page of and follow the instructions. They can choose whether they wish to post the job on a one off basis – which we call a Quick Post – meaning that they don’t need to set up a customer account, or if they are likely to place more than this one job, they can set up a free customer account which enables them to manage all of their job adverts in one place. If they have a Broadbean, Jobmate or Logic Melon account, they can post jobs to the site via those upload tools as well.

In terms of cost, we are probably one of the most price competitive job board in this marketplace. We charge £24.99 to place a job advert and this can be reduced by quite some margin if the user opens an account and purchases pre paid job advert credits – down to less than £17.50 per job advert if they buy 100 job advert credits.

From a job seeker’s point of view, the site is also very user friendly. You can search by  ‘job type’ or ‘job region’ directly from the Home page of Once you find a job that is of interest, you can apply for the job directly from the advert. The application will go direct to the advertiser, be that an employer or a recruitment agency. don’t get involved in the application”.

 “We believe the web site gives us a unique and powerful online proposition which really gets to the heart of what our company is all about. It is what the market needs and has totally enhanced our commercial offering.”