Charity is proud to be able to announce the Tree-Alliance, and its 'Mith Samlanh Street Kid Program' in Phnom Penh Cambodia, as its chosen charity.

Mith Samlanh is a particularly relevant charity for us because its operations revolve around rescuing street children and re-integrating them into society, through providing vocational hospitality and catering training in their purpose run Friends-Restaurant in Phnom Penh. This training equips children with skills that enable them to support themselves in adult life. Mith Samlanh provides shelter, food, healthcare, education and hands on work place training in a range of industries that will empower the kids to go on and succeed.

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Tree-Alliance & the 'Mith Samlanh Street Kid Program'

The Mith Samlanh Program

Mith Samlanh ("Friends" in English) is a local organization working with Cambodian street children, their families and the community to develop creative projects that effectively support the children to become independent and productive members of the community.

Mith Samlanh was established in August 1994 as a non-religious organization working with street children in Phnom Penh. The non-governmental organization (NGO) was established in response to the needs of street children, their families and their community. The projects of Mith Samlanh aim to facilitate the children's social reintegration into their families, the public school system, the workplace, and their culture.

From its brightly painted centre behind Friends-Restaurant, Mith Samlanh offers food, shelter, medical care, training and educational facilities for over 1,800 homeless, vulnerable or abandoned children each day.

Mith Samlanh and its team of 250 Cambodian staff provide:

  • Services to 19,000 individual children and youth each year.
  • Outreach services on the streets and in target communities (mostly squatter areas). It has various centres around Phnom Penh, offering recreational activities, medical care and educational games, allowing them to slowly switch from street life to an education process.
  • An education centre in Phnom Penh that has primary remedial classes (750 children in 2009), a medical centre, 11 vocational training classes (850 young people in 2009) and provides temporary accommodation.
  • Businesses have been developed to complement social services, in particular vocational training ventures providing youth in training with practical work experience. In Phnom Penh, these include: Friends-Restaurant, Romdeng restaurant, Friends shops selling Home Based Products, Tooit Tooit, Friends n Stuff and Friends @240


Gordon Ramsey visits the Friends-Restaurant in Phnom Penh in his TV Series The Great Escape


Mith Samlanh is run by the Tree Alliance - who operate under the larger international banner of Friends International -

Next time you are in Phnom Penh make sure to eat at the ‘Friends-Restaurant’ details can be found here: mm=or&sm=ft